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Patron of the Arts 2020, Cityneon Holding

It has undoubtedly been a year filled with turmoil as the global pandemic gripped the world. Countries, corporations, and individuals alike have been deeply affected by the Covid-19 situation. During these times, the arts sector is probably one of the most heavily hit industries with events canceled, funding curtailed, and artists struggling to survive.

Generous giving has seen Singapore’s arts scene grow in vibrancy over the years, and such philanthropy was recognised at the annual Patron of the Arts Awards ceremony 2020. Almost as a testament to Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Mr. Edwin Tong’s statement in an interview with The Straits Times citing that “the arts community will need to transform and adapt quickly”, the 37th edition of the Patron of the Arts Awards ceremony evolved amidst the challenging situation and was streamed online on 5 August 2020 over the official Facebook and YouTube channel of the National Arts Council.

Instituted in 1983, The Patron of the Arts Award represents the highest national accolade given to organisations and individuals who contribute to the development of the arts in Singapore. Although contributions dropped by 12.7% to $50.1M in the year 2019, it is still encouraging to see a total of 103 organisations and 275 individuals recognised for their contributions to our arts and cultural scene.

Cityneon is honored to be among the 17 companies receiving the Patron of the Arts Award this year, for our contribution as a patron sponsor to Pangdemonium!, a home-grown Singapore theatre company which has also been affected by the Covid-19 situation, like many other arts groups. Nevertheless, we look forward to Pangdemonium’s sharing of more stories next year and beyond and we hope everyone will join us as we await Pangdemonium’s return to the theatre very soon.

Cityneon’s echoes the sentiment of the National Arts Council that the recognition of a positive impact of the arts and working together with the Arts Community and its supporters, form the cornerstone of a sustainable arts ecosystem, something that we hope to not only keep, but grow in Singapore.

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