Step into the prehistoric past at Jurassic World: The Exhibition

It takes a lot to compete with the blockbuster-level magic of the Jurassic World film franchise, but Jurassic World: The Exhibition rises to the occasion. Billing itself as “the closest you’ll come to live dinosaurs,” the immersive exhibition is the latest interactive experience to come to Pullman Yards, the former industrial complex located in Atlanta’s Kirkwood neighborhood. The 25,000-square-foot experience, produced by entertainment company NEON, allows visitors to come face-to-face with life-size, meticulously rendered animatronic dinosaurs. Exhibit environments are just as carefully considered, showcasing memorable locations from the films, such as the Hammond Creation Lab, which houses baby dinosaurs and a wall of amber-preserved mosquitos. 

The spectacle starts early. After walking through the iconic main gate from the Jurassic World park entrance, visitors will emerge into a forest of ferns and be greeted by a sky-scraping Brachiosaurus. Other highlights include a “feeding” of the Jurassic World trilogy’s hybrid dinosaur, Indominus rex; a training session with Blue, Chris Pratt’s prodigious Velociraptor; and a fearsome encounter with fan-favorite predator, Tyrannosaurus rex. Helpful tour docents and numerous hands-on educational features—from dig sites to touch screen kiosks—add real-world context for the many extinct animals throughout the attraction. 

Jurassic World: The Exhibition premiered in 2016 and has since traveled to several major cities across the globe, including London, Madrid, and Seoul. “The sheer size and detail of these dinosaurs create a sense of awe and wonder that’s hard to replicate elsewhere,” says Zoe Tan, senior vice president of business development for the Americas at NEON. “The exhibition draws in enthusiasts and families looking to engage with the series in a tangible way.” It’s a little taste of the ancient world—no time machine required.