Ramses Exhibition in Australia Witnessing Huge Turnout

The “Ramses and the Gold of the Pharaohs” exhibition at the Australian Museum in Sydney has achieved remarkable success during the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, with all tickets for the month of January sold out.

Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities  Mustafa Waziri has stated that the exhibition has witnessed a huge turnout of visitors, noting that on the first day, 110,000 tickets were sold out.

More than 500 invitees, including senior public and government figures, archaeology specialists in Australia, influencers, and bloggers, attended the opening celebration, he added.

The exhibition includes 182 artifacts, including the coffin of King Ramses II from the collections of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, which joined the exhibition in its third stop in Paris.

The exhibition showcases many pieces from the collections of the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir from the era of King Ramesses II and the finds of the Egyptian mission in the Bubastiyun area in Saqqara. Additionally, it features a collection of statues, ornaments, cosmetics, paintings, and stone blocks decorated with carvings, as well as some colorful wooden coffins.

The exhibition is on its fourth stop and will run until May 19, 2024, after previously showing in Houston, San Francisco, and Paris.