ANIMAX Global’s Asia-Pacific R&D Innovation Centre Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony, Set Sights for Breakthroughs in Entertainment Robotics

Wuxi, China, January 12, 2023 – ANIMAX Global (ANIMAX), a global entertainment robotics company and wholly owned subsidiary of the NEON Group (“NEON”, the “Company”/collectively with its subsidiaries, the “Group”, formerly known as “Cityneon”), held the groundbreaking ceremony for the ANIMAX Asia-Pacific R&D Innovation Centre at the Sensing China Centre, Economic Development Zone, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. Just a year ago on January 17, 2022, NEON and the Wuxi Municipal Government signed an agreement to announce the establishment of the ANIMAX Asia-Pacific R&D Innovation Centre in Wuxi and the official company entity “Huadeng Artificial Intelligence Robot Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.” was formally registered in China in November 2022. The construction of the ANIMAX Asia-Pacific R&D Innovation Centre has since been progressing steadily in China.

ANIMAX is a global entertainment robotics company with a strong focus in the R&D and manufacturing of design-and-build characters and multiple forms of entertainment robotics which have delighted and entertained millions of audiences globally. Founded in 1989 in USA, ANIMAX has evolved to be an innovative leader in entertainment robotics, bringing experiences to life across multiple forms of character and show technologies. Building on the company’s unparalleled industry experience of over 30 years, ANIMAX set sights on developing R&D and creative production centres in many areas around the world with the vision to create a global R&D production network and service system to support the Group’s projects globally.

Located in the core area of the Taihu Lake Science and Technology Innovation Belt, Jiangsu Wuxi Economic Development Zone is a pilot area for scientific and technological innovation and a modern industry-leading area built by the municipal party committee government. The Economic Development Zone, with complete industrial facilities, has jurisdiction over “one town and five parks”, covering high-tech industries, including the Internet of Things, big data, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and cultural and creative exhibitions. Leveraging on the local industrial and policy advantages, the establishment of the ANIMAX Asia-Pacific R&D Innovation Centre in the Wuxi Economic Development Zone will help increase the investment in the R&D industry and promote the creating of a global R&D network.

In her speech, member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Wuxi Economic Development Zone pointed out that the project of ANIMAX Asia-Pacific R&D Innovation Centre is a “Wuxi Model” for the integrated development of digital economy, and cultural and creative industries. The government will continue to support the development of NEON Group in the Economic Development Zone and provide comprehensive services for the construction of NIMAX Asia-Pacific R&D Innovation Centre.

She hopes that NEON Group will continue to increase investment in ANIMAX, make full use of Wuxi’s high-quality and complete supply chain system, give full play to the core technology advantages of intelligent bionic robots. And continuously promote the innovation of cross-border integration industry in the field of “Culture Plus”

Mr Ron Tan, Executive Chairman and Group CEO of NEON, said, “We are confident that with the strong support of the Wuxi Municipal Government and the Economic Development Zone, the ANIMAX Asia-Pacific R&D Innovation Centre will be an important catalyst to accelerate the Group’s global growth. We are looking forward to the unlimited opportunities brought by this exciting development and we are excited to be able to contribute our strength to support the vision of the Wuxi government.”

Mr. Darren Lim, Executive Vice President, Global Sales of NEON Group, said: “Leveraging on the huge domestic market, high-quality standards and the complete supply chain system of Wuxi City and Jiangsu Province, we will continue to promote the innovation of experiential entertainment technology and products to stimulate the vitality of the market in China and the Asia-Pacific region.”

With a floor area about 366,000 square feet, the ANIMAX Asia-Pacific R&D Innovation Centre in Wuxi will continue to provide technical empowerment for the Group, supporting its interactive experiences on a global scale by creating breakthrough entertainment robots and revolutionary immersive experiences for the audiences worldwide. The ANIMAX Asia-Pacific R&D Innovation Centre in Wuxi is positioned to be the world’s largest R&D and manufacturing facility for ANIMAX.

Moving forward, ANIMAX will continue to promote the construction of the ANIMAX Asia-Pacific R&D Innovation Centre, leveraging on the advantages of the high-tech industrial resources in the Wuxi Economic and Development Zone to reach out to the Chinese and Asia-Pacific and global markets, promoting the progress of the worldwide entertainment robot industry.