Sydney’s Australian Museum Draws Crowds with ‘Ramses & the Gold of the Pharaohs’ Exhibit

In the heart of Sydney, the Australian Museum is making waves with an exhibit that resonates with the public’s enduring fascination for Ancient Egypt. The exhibition, titled ‘Ramses & the Gold of the Pharaohs,’ has already sold over 100,000 pre-sale tickets, indicating a substantial interest in this showcase of the past.

Recapturing the Glory of 1988

The excitement surrounding the ‘Ramses’ exhibit recalls the success of the ‘Gold of the Pharaohs’ exhibition in 1988. This event became a cultural phenomenon, drawing a million visitors across Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. Achieving a similar feat today would require attracting 1.6 million visitors, a daunting figure, but the museum remains optimistic.

Leadership and Evolution

The museum’s confidence is not unfounded. Under the stewardship of Kim McKay over the past decade, the institution has made significant strides, including an impressive array of exhibits and extensive renovations. Among these enhancements is the new Minerals Gallery, showcasing the museum’s dedication not just to history, but to the larger realm of scientific research.

The Allure of Artifact Exhibitions

Artifact exhibitions like ‘Ramses’ offer a unique appeal. They provide a direct, tangible connection to ancient civilizations, allowing visitors to engage with objects that have survived the test of time. The allure of exhibitions like ‘Ramses’ is undeniable, as they offer a chance to touch a piece of history and engage with a civilization that continues to captivate the public imagination.