Stars open the world premiere in Cologne – fans are amazed

Walk through well-known locations from the Harry Potter saga and create magic yourself with a magic wand – this is possible from Friday in the Cologne Odysseum.

Harry Potter is a worldwide phenomenon. The young sorcerer’s apprentice from the novels by J.K. Rowling is one of the great pop culture figures of the past decades.

The Hogwarts saga grossed around 7.7 billion euros in cinemas, fans devoured the books and can soon look forward to a Harry Potter series.

But Cologne will also officially play a major role in the magical universe from Friday (December 8, 2023) – more precisely, the Odysseum in the Kalk district. In “Harry Potter: Visions of Magic” Fans have the opportunity to enter well-known places from the books and films and experience them up close. was able to take a first look at the magical world of experiences at the world premiere on Wednesday – and two real Harry Potter stars were also there. Hogwarts on the Peel Sick!

World premiere with “Harry Potter” stars Oliver and James Phelps

There was a huge media outpouring on Wednesday morning, the Odysseum had made a big impression and the organizers were visibly proud to finally be able to open the adventure world. The employees had worked for months to complete the various rooms, which were designed with great attention to detail, on time.

“We often worked day and night, it was really an energy achievement,” said Anderas Waschk, CEO of the Explorado Group, which operates the Odysseum together with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment and Neon for the production of the Harry Potter experience world was responsible.

There were also two actors at the premiere who every Harry Potter fan has taken to their hearts over the course of the films. Oliver and James Phelps played the chaotic, loving Weasley twins Fred and George.

They were also enthusiastic about the detailed world of experience in the Cologne Odysseum. “It is an honor for us to be here today. “It turned out really great and an experience for every fan of the Harry Potter world,” said Oliver Phelps before the gates were opened for the first tour.

Each visitor receives a “Harry Potter” wand

Initially, each visitor receives their own magic wand, which can then be used interactively in the different rooms. A short introduction explains that you should set out on the trail of the mysterious magic and activate it with your magic wand on the large LED walls.

Then it starts: With the famous bus “The Knight Bus”. The journey into the world of adventure begins; the great wealth of detail is already noticeable on the way to the vehicle. The corridor is illuminated with illuminated letters from and to Harry Potter, which had apparently previously been lost by a letter owl circling under the ceiling.

It goes through the spooky Knockturn Alley, it goes to the Room of Requirement or to the Ministry of Magic. There are hidden subtleties everywhere. The interactivity with the wand also makes it feel like visitors are part of Hogwarts history.

The tour through the various themed rooms, which lasts around 60 to 90 minutes, ends with the furious finale in the Pensieve. There, Harry Potter and the villain Voldemort meet and fight their epic battle, which is also extensively depicted in the eighth and final part of the film series.

In particular, the original and infamous “Avada Kedavra” curse by Voldemort gives you goosebumps – and visitors can too be a part of the whole and intervene interactively in what is happening.

Harry Potter World in Cologne: Tickets can only be booked again for next year

The price of entry is 20.90 euros for children aged five and over and 26.90 euros for adults (aged 16 and over). There are also family and group tickets as well as special prices for seniors, schoolchildren and students.

According to the Odysseum, December is already fully booked, so tickets can only be ordered again for the new year. However, the weekends are also fully booked until March.

For fans of the Hogwarts universe both big and small, a visit to the adventure world in the Odysseum is definitely a must. Or to put it in the words of Dumbledore: “When we dream, we enter a world that is entirely ours.”