NEON announces collaboration with Boston Dynamics & ANIMAX

NEON, a global experience entertainment company, has announced that it has partnered with Boston Dynamics through its fully-owned subsidiary ANIMAX, a leading creative robotic entertainment company. Together the companies are placed to reshape the media and educational sectors.

This partnership symbolises the future of immersive storytelling and brings together creativity and state-of-the-art technology. Through this strategic partnership, NEON’s creative expertise and Boston Dynamics’ robotics technology will be combined to create captivating experiences that will capture audiences worldwide.

Advancing robotics & storytelling

The collaboration is underpinned by Boston Dynamics‘ technology and NEON’s experiences and operational expansion. It is an extraordinary advancement which offers a leap into the future, where technology enhances human encounters in ways that were previously unimaginable.

It also offers ANIMAX, a creative robotic entertainment powerhouse based in Nashville, Tennessee, the chance to further advance its R&D. With over 30 years of industry experience, the collaboration will leverage the Group’s IP experiences across the globe. The worldwide desire for experiential entertainment prompted ANIMAX to strategically expand, and in this partnership with Boston Dynamics, the field of robotics and animatronics has never had more promise for innovation and growth.

Welby Altidor, group chief creative and innovation officer of NEON, says: “With Boston Dynamics, ANIMAX will embark on a journey where advanced robotics and storytelling converge, embracing our ‘Get Closer’ mantra to create intimate, immersive narratives that bring technology and audiences closer than ever.”

“Our partnership with Boston Dynamics represents the union of master artisans and innovative technology, creating a story that is transforming the animatronics industry,” comments Michael Mattox, executive vice president of ANIMAX. “Our combined knowledge and expertise push the envelope of entertainment and advance us to the highest level of performance. This collaboration not only supports the global expansion of ANIMAX but also fulfils the growing need for immersive entertainment experiences worldwide.”

Marc Theermann, chief strategy officer of Boston Dynamics, adds: “We are thrilled about the collaboration with NEON and ANIMAX for the development of fully untethered entertainment robots. These exceptionally interactive creatures are poised to captivate consumers through novel and exciting engagements. By joining forces with NEON, a frontrunner in immersive storytelling, we’re blending our cutting-edge technology with their enchanting storytelling expertise.”

This collaboration has the potential to reshape the entertainment landscape by delivering the most interactive and immersive storytelling experience ever seen in this sector. It establishes a solid basis for NEON, ANIMAX, and Boston Dynamics to create a deep and lasting impact, revolutionise the way stories are told, and establish relationships that cross the digital divide.

The joint endeavour will culminate in a reveal that will engage, inspire, and astound viewers at the end of 2024.

Earlier this month, NEON and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment announced the opening of Harry Potter: Visions of Magic at the ODYSSEUM in Cologne, Germany. The new experience sold more than 130,000 tickets in advance of the opening day, 8 December 2023, and won Ticketmaster Germany’s ‘Blockbuster Pre-Sale Award’ for the firm.