NEON and Boston Dynamics Unveil Visionary Partnership

NEON, in collaboration with its subsidiary ANIMAX, announced a visionary partnership with the robotics company Boston Dynamics.

The team-up aims to redefine both the entertainment and education sectors, merging cutting-edge robotics technology with creative prowess to make immersive experiences for global audiences.

With NEON’s experiences and operational expansion, fueled by Boston Dynamics’ technology, the two companies promise to deliver new experiences that aim to push the envelope of entertainment and animatronics.

Welby Altidor, Group Chief Creative & Innovation Officer of NEON, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership.

“With Boston Dynamics, ANIMAX will embark on a journey where advanced robotics and storytelling converge, embracing our ‘Get Closer’ mantra to create intimate, immersive narratives that bring technology and audiences closer than ever,” Altidor noted.

Meanwhile, Boston Dynamics Chief Strategy Officer Marc Theermann also expressed his excitement over the collaboration. 

“By joining forces with NEON, a frontrunner in immersive storytelling, we’re blending our cutting-edge technology with their enchanting storytelling expertise,” he shared. 

While details surrounding their projects have yet to be unveiled, the two are set to make a big announcement before the end of 2024.

The Excellence of NEON and Boston Dynamics

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, NEON-ANIMAX has over 30 years of industry experience, establishing themselves as a frontrunner in creative robotic entertainment.

In the past, the two have been involved in the makings of Avatar: The Exhibition, Jurassic World: The Movie Exhibition in China, and Harry Potter: Visions of Magic, where they brought iconic characters and magical creatures to life through animatronics. 

Subsequently, Boston Dynamics has been at the forefront of robotics innovation, developing advanced robotic systems that showcase impressive capabilities.

Its projects include Spot the Robot, which has been deployed in various industries, including construction, inspection, and research. 

Atlas, a humanoid robot created by the company, has also been one of its strongest feats as it demonstrated capabilities such as dynamic walking, running, and performing acrobatic maneuvers.