Regional Managing Director

Darren Lim


(Darren Lim)



Darren Lim is a proven leader and executive with over 18 years of experience in the marketing industry. Over the years, he has worked with an impressive portfolio of fortune 500 brands in the Asia Pacific region. Diverse experiences also include mega program activations for brands and international participants in Beijing Olympics 2008, Shanghai World Exposition 2010, Astana Expo 2017 and most recently Dubai Expo 2020.

He has also previously held key executive roles with experiential marketing agencies such as George P. Johnson/ Project:Worldwide and Pico Group. In his previous role prior to joining Cityneon, Darren Lim was the Senior Vice President of Pico+, spearheading the growth of Pico+ in China as well as its rollout and expansion in other regions including Asia Pacific, the Middle East, the UK and the US. He was also the Head of the Pico Global Activation that is responsible for driving the growth of Pico group globally.

Darren also holds a 2nd Upper Honors Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and did his executive programs with both NUS and CEIBS.


林志凯先生曾在行业领先的营销机构担任重要职务,如George P. Johnson/ Project:Worldwide和Pico Group。在加入城贸之前,Darren Lim曾是Pico+的高级副总裁,带头领导了Pico+在中国的发展,以及在亚太、中东、英国和美国等其他地区的推广和扩张。他也是Pico Global Activation的负责人,负责带领推动Pico集团在全球的发展。


ダレンリムは、マーケティング業界で18年以上の経験を持つ実績のあるリーダー兼エグゼクティブ。長年にわたり、 彼はアジア太平洋地域で著名なフォーチュン500ブランドの企業で働く。多様な経験には、北京オリンピック2008、上 海万博2010、アスタナ万博2017、最近ではドバイ万博2020がある。

彼はまた、George P. Johnson / Project:WorldwideやPico Groupなどの経験豊富なマーケティング代理店で重要な幹部 職を歴任。シティニオン入社以前、彼はPicoの上級副社長として、中国でのPico の成長と、アジア太平洋、中東、英 国、米国を含む他の地域での展開と拡大を率いた。また、ピコグループのグローバルな成長を推進する責任を負うピコグローバルアクティベーションの責任者も務める。