Boston Dynamics Announces Collaboration with Neon for Entertainment Robots


Since its inception as an MIT spinoff, Boston Dynamics has been known for its entertaining robotic systems. The Hyundai-owned company has gained popularity through the release of numerous viral videos over the years. While entertainment has been a secondary focus for the company, Boston Dynamics is now shifting its attention towards it. In a recent announcement, the company revealed a partnership with Neon, a Singapore-based entertainment brand.

Neon and Animax Designs

Neon, the parent company of Animax Designs, is known for creating animatronics for major Hollywood franchises such as Avatar, Jurassic Park, Marvel, and Harry Potter. The collaboration between Boston Dynamics and Neon is expected to result in a captivating experience for audiences. Although specific details have not been disclosed, the partnership aims to engage, inspire, and dazzle audiences with a reveal planned for the end of 2024.

Untethered Autonomous Systems

Boston Dynamics’ expertise in producing robust and untethered autonomous systems at scale is a significant advantage for Neon and Animax. The world of theme park robots has evolved in recent years, with Disneyland’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge featuring interactive robots that interact with park visitors. The collaboration will leverage Boston Dynamics’ cutting-edge technology and Neon’s storytelling expertise to create fully untethered entertainment robots.

Commercialization Roadmap

This collaboration marks another milestone in Boston Dynamics’ commercialization roadmap, which began with the introduction of the Spot quadruped and the truck unloading robot, Stretch. However, the company has a long history in the entertainment industry. In 1993, Boston Dynamics’ founder, Marc Raibert, and his team produced robots for the set of the film “Rising Sun,” starring Sean Connery, Wesley Snipes, and Michael Crichton.


Boston Dynamics’ partnership with Neon signifies a strategic move towards the entertainment sector. By combining their technological expertise with Neon’s storytelling capabilities, the collaboration aims to create captivating and interactive experiences for audiences. The reveal at the end of 2024 is highly anticipated, and it remains to be seen what innovative creations will emerge from this exciting collaboration.