5 Reasons You Need To Visit Melbourne’s Spectacular Jurassic World Exhibition When It Opens

Bringing the dinosaurs of the unforgettable film franchise to life, Jurassic World: The Exhibition is set to arrive in August. Here are our top reasons why you’ll want to grab tickets soon!

We’re a few short weeks away from Melbourne’s latest roarsome experience, as Jurassic World: The Exhibition opens in Brunswick in August 2024. Offering you the opportunity to step into an interactive world of dinosaurs, we reckon it’s one of the most exciting exhibitions to hit Melbourne recently. Here are five reasons why we’re particularly excited about the exhibition, and what sets it apart from other dino experiences in Melbourne!

1. It transports you into the world of the beloved film franchise

Most adults and children who saw the original Jurassic Park will recall the moment that Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler first clap eyes on a live dinosaur, or heard that iconic theme song in full flow – it may even have sparked a lifelong interest in dinosaurs.

With new additions to the Jurassic World franchise stomping into cinemas in recent years, a new wave of fans have been created: and this exhibition is the ideal place to geek out. Speaking from personal experience (having visited the exhibition when it was in London), there’s a truly awe-inspiring feeling when the gate opens and you enter Isla Nublar for the first time.

2. You’ll be able to pet the baby dinosaurs

Before they grow up and start looking a little more daunting, the baby dinosaurs of Jurassic World: The Exhibition are undeniably sweet. Enter The Creation Lab to learn more about dino science, come face-to-face with baby dinos, and even reach out and touch them. This part of the interactive exhibition is especially popular with kids, but the whole family will enjoy learning about the resurrection of ancient dinosaurs.

Grab your tickets to Jurassic World: The Exhibition before they’re extinct!

 No dinosaur has quite the reputation or inspires as much awe as Tyrannosaurus Rex, whilst the highly intelligent raptors made their mark in both the original and newer films. At the exhibition, you’ll be able to see both species in action, with Jurassic World’s handlers training the raptors and, um, attempting to keep the T Rex under control.

4. The dinosaurs have literally stepped off the screen into the exhibition

The impressive animatronics of the experience make the dinosaurs feel impressively – and sometimes unsettlingly – real, and that’s no surprise when you learn that they were designed with the same renders used in the film franchise. These aren’t imitations, they’re the real deal; as if they’d truly emerged from the cinema screen and settled down in Brunswick.

5. It’s a truly unforgettable day out

When the exhibition organisers say it’s the closest you’ll come to living dinosaurs, they mean it. When you think of dinosaurs, your mind immediately leaps to the Jurassic World films, and the unshakeable hold they have on popular culture. In its scale and attention to detail, Jurassic World: The Exhibition offers a truly unforgettable day out for those who appreciate dinosaurs, the films, or just fancy a truly jaw-dropping day out.

Don’t miss out! Jurassic World: The Exhibition opens in August 2024, and you can book your tickets here.