Step Inside Jurassic World At This Amazing Exhibition Coming To Toronto This Spring

Join the waitlist to come face-to-face with the fascinating dinosaurs from Jurassic World at this incredible exhibition.

As Ray Arnold would say, “hold onto your butts” — Jurassic World: The Exhibition is heading less than one hour away from Toronto! Beginning April 14, dinosaurs from the cinematic blockbuster will claw their way into the real world so dinosaur aficionados and Jurassic Park lovers can get a close-up look at them in all their sharp-toothed, razor-clawed glory! Channel your inner paleontologist as you come face to face with life-sized recreations of these prehistoric creatures and examine amber-trapped specimens in the Hammond Lab.

Join the waitlist to get exclusive access to tickets before they’re released to the public on February 28 at 11am!

Hum the iconic Jurassic World tune as you head through wooden gates, placing you right in the middle of the series’ adventure. Square One Shopping Centre will be made over as a prehistoric wilderness complete with all the plants, leaves, and branches you’d see in the millennia-old forests of the Jurassic period. But be on the lookout at all times–you wouldn’t want a devious dinosaur sneaking up behind your back!

As you explore Jurassic World: The Exhibition, keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of roar-some dino delights. Each dinosaur replica has been re-created in unbelievable detail, from the herbivorous Brachiosaurus–one of the largest creatures to ever exist–to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, complete with its signature bone-crushing grin.

Though, of course, there will still be some room for “awws” to fill the room as you gaze upon some adorably wide-eyed baby raptors, pterodactyls, and parasaurolophus babies.

Jurassic World: The Exhibition is a must, not only for fans of the epic film franchise, but for prehistoric lovers in general. How often do you get to say you’ve put yourself in the mud-splattered boots of Owen Grady and seen for yourself where Jurassic World all started: Hammond Creation Lab. And, who knows, you may even learn the secret to bringing these creatures back to life!

Meet the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar. Join the waitlist to Jurassic World: The Exhibition!