‘Ramses the Great’ featured in Houston Museum of Natural Science’s new exhibit

HOUSTON — Houstonians will soon have the chance to take a step back into ancient Egyptian history.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science will be premiering a new exhibition called “Ramses The Great and The Gold of Pharaohs” this weekend.

“It gives a sense of the range, variety and richness of Egyptian culture,” said Tom Hardwick, Consulting Curator of the Hall of Ancient Egypt with HMNS.

The new, limited-time exhibit will give the public a chance to explore the life of one of the greatest rulers, Ramses the Great.

“Ramses the Great was called Ramses the Great because was able to accomplish so much in his lifetime,” said John Norman, CEO of World Heritage Exhibitions.

His agency is one of those partnering with the museum, traveling on the 6-year, 10-city world tour.

“Some of these pieces have never been out of Egypt before and there are some incredible stories to be told,” he said.

The tour starts here in Houston Saturday. Hardwick says the museum’s Hall of Ancient Egypt will also be back open to the public after a months-long renovation process.

“This is a completely new incarnation of it. We vamped the objects, the lighting” he said.

Norman said the displays will allow you to get lost in history.

“You forget that you’re in Houston or in a museum. You’re in another time and place.”

The exhibit opens Nov. 20. Tickets for the exhibition start at $35 per adult and $27 for children.

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