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Cityneon is proud to support The Art Faculty, a social enterprise by Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) in their noble cause for enabling artists with special needs by providing them with support and financial independence through the commissioning of their art pieces on exclusive merchandises.

As a company that also nurtures our own creative team to design memorable experiences for our visitors all around the world, we are avid supporters of The Art Faculty’s dedication towards a comprehensive arts education that enables artists to express themselves through their work.

Cityneon had procured a total of 100 exquisite vases from The Art Faculty, all of which were personally designed by Ng Li Jie, a talented artist with autism. He draws inspiration from the study of nature to create 4 design motifs – the Adipocytes, the Bivalvia, the Calliostoma, and the Jasminum – imprinting his abstract interpretation of each unique living organism on the vases. We are proud and honored to be able to present these vases to our valued business partners around the world, not just as a token of appreciation, but also as an opportunity for us to recognize the value and talent of the many artists at The Art Faculty.

While the arts scene in Singapore is constantly evolving, Cityneon is also conscientiously looking at ways to give back to society in meaningful ways that resonate with our values. We strongly believe in the limitless potential of artists and the power of creation, and we will continue to support the local arts scene in more ways than one.

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