Become A Part Of Jurassic World At This Dino-Mite Exhibition Coming To Atlanta In May

The dinosaurs of Isla Nublar will be coming to life in Atlanta! Sign up to the waitlist and meet some of your favorite gentle giants.

There’s an incredible exhibition coming to Atlanta in the spring — and it’s completely dinomite (pun intended)! From May 26, prehistoric life will take over Atlanta with Isla Nublar’s most gigantic creatures stepping onto the floors of Pullman Yards. Your favorite dinosaurs crawl their way out of the screen, with all their defining archaic features.

Expect to view them in all their robust teeth and scaly skin glory, channeling your inner Alan Grant as you step through the Hammond Lab to uncover the scientific mysteries behind our gentle giants. 

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As you walk through the imposing wooden gates of Jurassic World: The Exhibition, it might feel a tad bit reminiscent of the iconic theme song. Make the most of that cinematic moment, and let that John Williams track mark the beat to your every step as you enter through the prehistoric wilderness

Pullman Yards will be transformed into a luscious jungle, adorned in leafy foliage and effervescent flora. All that vegetation might just fool you into thinking you’ve actually stepped into the hit franchise — with all the thrills that entails — so keep an eye out for creatures lurking through the branches. For all you know, curious little eyes may just be staring right back at you… 

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You’ll get to meet so many of the iconic dinosaurs from the saga at Jurassic World: The Exhibition. From the gigantic vegetivorous Brachiosaurus to the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex, each dinosaur has been recreated in extensive detail. The physical attributes of each species are distinguishable, from height, weight, all the way to jaw shape and teeth density. If you’ve ever wanted to stare straight into the eyes of a dinosaur (and why wouldn’t you), you’ll get to do so at this jaw-dropping exhibit — even if you have a penchant for baby raptors, Pterodactyl or even the adorable Bumpy of Camp Cretaceous

Plus, for an extra dose of sweetness, there are miniscule Parasaurolophus babies at the Hammond Lab who are gently resting in their incubator. You can pay them a visit as you discover the science behind the prehistoric era, truly stepping into your shoes as a self-proclaimed paleontologist. Spoiler: you might just discover how geneticists brought the dinosaurs of the Jurassic era back to life, with the help of a tiny mosquito embedded in amber for over a millennia.

The experience is a must for die-hard fans of the epic film saga, young and old alike. It’s the perfect experience for your little ones to experience the wowing exhibit in all its glory, marking their amazement at every single dinosaur. It’s also a great opportunity to nurture that inner child of yours who’s always wanted to be a paleontologist (no judgment!), so basically a win-win in our book. 

Get transported to Isla Nubla right here in Atlanta, and discover all the excitement of Jurassic World.