We Explored Atlanta’s Spectacular Jurassic World Exhibition, And It Was A Cinematic Experience

Amongst the leaves and ferns of Atlanta’s Pullman Yards, the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar come to life. Read on for our review of the experience…

Due to popular demand, the exhibition has been extended until Sunday, November 12!

While the ATL is full of surprises, witnessing imposing dinos roam freely across Pullman Yards is definitely not something we’d expect to see. And yet — the stuff of dreams landed right here, in Atlanta, last May when Jurassic World: The Exhibition opened its doors. Since then, we’ve wanted to see those Isla Nublar dinos for ourselves, fangs and all. 

For those of us who grew up watching the beloved franchise, the exhibition is a truly nostalgic journey that evokes cherished memories. The opportunity to encounter these majestic creatures up close is a dream come true that transports us back to the awe and wonder of our childhood, and the same can be said for those dino-obsessed kiddos who can’t seem to get enough of their figurines. The experience is magical treat for young and old alike, transporting us to Alan Grant’s imagined park.

A remarkable blend of animatronics, captivating set design, immersive special effects and adorable charm truly makes the saga come alive — and after embarking on the incredible journey firsthand, we couldn’t wait to share our experience. Read on for our full review of the adventure… 

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Our Jurassic World journey began on a ‘boat’ leading us to Isla Nublar, that mystical island inhabited by dinosaurs brought back to life. After receiving a fascinating briefing about the park through a voiceover, the legendary Jurassic Park gates stood tall before us, with the familiar and nostalgic “Welcome to Jurassic Park” theme song playing in our minds. 

Just then, we set our eyes on the towering brachiosaurus. We were amazed by the incredible animatronics that went into crafting every detail of the mighty dino — it really felt as though a giant creature was right there in front of us! We gazed in amazement for so long our necks felt the pain, but it was all worth it.

As we made our way through the rest of the experience, we couldn’t help but notice the transformation Pullman Yards had undergone: the venue was decked out in ferns and leaves, details of a true prehistoric wonderland. The resounding roars of dinosaurs added to the immersive atmosphere, making us feel as though we stepped through the screen and into the Jurassic World film

After being guided by wandering eyes through the foliage, we found ourselves at Hammond’s Creation Lab. Learning about the time period, exploring walls filled with dinosaur eggs, fossils, and even dino poop (yep) was both educational and fascinating. But the real highlight was undoubtedly our interaction with the tiny baby dinosaurs in the incubator!  

Filled with menacing jaws and rattling cages, the adventure is an adrenaline-pumping experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. One of those pulse-racing moments was coming face-to-face with the ghostly Indominus Rex. Its piercing gaze and menacing teeth gave us full body chills.

But despite the realistic nature of the exhibit, there’s nothing to be afraid of! You can leave your tranquilizer guns at home, since the chances of a dinosaur jumping at you through the cages are close to none. You’ll still get to witness the agility and intelligence of the dinosaurs in their movement, with a few jump scares here and there

If you came in the company of young children and are seeking a more lighthearted and kid-friendly adventure, Jurassic World: The Exhibition‘s got you covered as well! Little ones will have the chance to unleash their inner paleontologist by sifting through sand to uncover fascinating fossils, adding an educational and interactive layer to the experience.

But the excitement doesn’t end there for the kids: they’ll have the opportunity to interact with adorable dinosaurs like Bumpy, the Ankylosaurus from Camp Cretaceous. Just a heads up: if your kids want to take a cute dino home afterwards, don’t blame it on us! 

And of course, the thrilling conclusion of the experience is a show-stopper. The queen of the kingdom herself, the legendary T-Rex, makes a spectacular appearance in all her glory. The jaw-dropping special effects, performances, and realistic animatronics created an unforgettable atmosphere that had us — and the kids — gasping in surprise.

After the mesmerizing climax, we made our way to the gift shop: a treasure trove of Jurassic memorabilia and the perfect opportunity to take home some cherished souvenirs of our beloved adventure. We’ll definitely head back to Jurassic World: The Exhibition though, and we’d love to see you there! 

The incredible experience is an absolute must for anyone who loves dinosaurs, the Jurassic Park franchise, or simply wants to be transported back to the prehistoric era.

Immerse yourself in a world where ancient giants roam freely, right here in the ATL!