‘Victoria the T. rex’ Dinosaur Exhibition Opens in Seoul

‘Victoria the T. rex’ Dinosaur Exhibition Opens in Seoul – Meet the Real and Complete
Travelling T. rex Fossil

Asia’s first immersive T. rex exhibition

800 Early Bird Tickets Sold in 10 Minutes
5000 Visits Recorded for Official Opening on 22 April and Opening Weekend

After the world premiere exhibition in Arizona, USA, the immersive exhibition “Victoria the T. Rex” made its first successful appearance in Seoul, Korea on 22 April 2022 (Friday).

The exhibition is a unique opportunity to meet Victoria, the world’s largest and most complete touring T. rex fossil, and the hype is real ever since the pre-event reception. 800 tickets were sold in just 10 minutes at the first Early Bird ticket event held through TMON, an online ticketing platform, showing high expectations even before the official opening.

Thanks to the enthusiasm from the general public, we hit record-breaking numbers of 5,000 visitors from the first weekend of the exhibition opening, signaling a strong start. From family members, couples, friends, to those who enjoyed the exhibition alone, many people came to visit the exhibition, making it a success.

In particular, Victoria, the main attraction of the ‘Victoria T-Rex’ Seoul exhibition, is well known as the third largest and second most complete real T-Rex fossil. Among the Tyrannosaurus specimens, it is one of the largest ever found, and offers a glimpse into the short and difficult life of Victoria, 66 million years ago.

It is also an immersive exhibition where you can vividly experience the life of Victoria. It features the latest paleontological findings with a combination of modern technology, including AR technology, 3D projection mapping, and interactive elements, to allow visitors to interact with dinosaurs – the mysterious creatures that lived thousands of years ago, in the most authentic way.

An official from the Victoria T.rex exhibition, Yeseul Park, stated, “It is expected that guests who visit the site will be able to enjoy a special experience full of excitement while meeting Victoria who existed from a time long ago.”

The “Victoria the Trex” Seoul exhibition is hosted by Cityneon, a global leader in immersive experiences, and produced by its subsidiary, WHE (World Heritage Exhibitions), and will be held at the Grand Hall on the first floor of Lotte Department Store’s Gimpo Airport branch until mid-August. WHE is renowned for producing the finest quality museum content that captivates, educates, and inspires visitors across the globe. Currently, the “Victoria T-Rex” exhibition can be booked on Naver, TMON, and Interpark, and details can be found on the official website at victoriatrexkorea.com.