Pompeii opens next week at the Cincinnati Museum Center

CINCINNATI (WXIX) – A new Pompeii exhibit is coming to the Cincinnati Museum Center.

There will be 150 artifacts taking you through what life was like in the Roman Empire thousands of years ago. It will also show you what life was like after the deadly volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

One of the many artifacts that will be part of Pompeii arrived Tuesday at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

The artifact, called a crater, was carefully shipped from Pompeii to Cincinnati after historians discovered it months ago. The crater was at one time buried in the volcanic ash of Mount Vesuvius in the Italian City of Pompeii.

“It’s actually a large bowl-shaped. If you look at the top of Vesuvius down, that bowl that exists now because of the explosion, that’s kind of what this is named after,” explains Head Registrar Jackie Hoff, “But its use is really still water and wine. There was an awful lot of water issues. Some of this stuff wasn’t all that wonderful to consume so they mixed it with wine.”

Hoff says she hopes when you come to the exhibit you take your time and learn about what life was like thousands of years ago.

She says you may notice some things haven’t changed much.

“I think it’s important to really look at what you’re seeing, Not just glaze by it,” continues Hoff, “Because I do think there are so many similarities in what you’ll see now vs what we actually have at our own homes now.”

The museum works with people across the globe to find the best objects and artifacts for the new exhibition.

They say it’s important to remember the volcanic eruption was tragic and claimed the lives of thousands of people and many more living things.

“The most important thing they have to bring with them is their emotions,” explains Art Conservator from Pompeii Ludovica Alesse, “Pompeii, it’s a tragic place. Animals died, people died, it was scary and so terrifying. I’d like the people that come here would be conscious about this.”

You can see the exhibit beginning February 16th through July 28th. You can purchase tickets here.