NEON and Boston Dynamics: Forging a Future of Interactive Robotics in Entertainment

In a landmark collaboration, NEON Group Limited, through its subsidiary ANIMAX, has joined forces with robotics giant Boston Dynamics to drive a revolutionary shift in the entertainment and educational arenas. This strategic partnership aims to integrate Boston Dynamics’ advanced robotics with NEON’s narrative expertise to create immersive, interactive experiences that promise to enchant global audiences.

The initiative is set to spearhead a new epoch of experiential storytelling by exploring the intersection of creativity and state-of-the-art technology. ANIMAX, a tour de force in the arena of creative robotics and themed entertainment, is poised to further its R&D pursuits, leveraging three decades of industry insights alongside the technological acumen of Boston Dynamics.

NEON’s Chief Creative & Innovation Officer, Welby Altidor, expressed a commitment to their ‘Get Closer™’ ethos, fostering a connection between technology and spectators like never before. Similarly, Boston Dynamics’ Chief Strategy Officer, Marc Theermann, conveyed enthusiasm for the initiative, recognizing the potential for these robotic marvels to revolutionize consumer engagement.

This alliance also aims to bolster ANIMAX’s global presence and meet the escalating demand for dynamic entertainment experiences. By the end of 2024, the partnership anticipates unveiling its groundbreaking advancements to an expectant worldwide audience.


NEON and Boston Dynamics are embarking on a groundbreaking collaboration through NEON’s ANIMAX subsidiary. This union will blend Boston Dynamics’ robotic innovations with NEON’s proficiency in crafting enthralling narratives. The fusion is predicted to transform the entertainment industry by introducing interactive storytelling elements, set to be unveiled in 2024. The venture is a testament to the power of imaginative storytelling paired with leading-edge technology.

FAQ Section:

What is the collaboration about between NEON Group and Boston Dynamics?
The collaboration between NEON Group Limited, through its subsidiary ANIMAX, and Boston Dynamics is focused on integrating advanced robotics with narrative expertise to create immersive, interactive experiences in entertainment and education.

Who is ANIMAX and what is their role in this partnership?
ANIMAX is a subsidiary of NEON Group Limited, specializing in creative robotics and themed entertainment. In this partnership, they aim to further research and development by combining their storytelling skills with the technical capabilities of Boston Dynamics.

What are the expected outcomes of this collaboration?
The expected outcomes include spearheading a new era of experiential storytelling where technology and creativity intersect, enhancing global engagement through interactive experiences, and expanding ANIMAX’s global presence.

What is the ‘Get Closer™’ ethos mentioned by NEON?
The ‘Get Closer™’ ethos is NEON’s commitment to fostering deeper connections between technology and audiences, providing more engaging and intimate interactive experiences.

When can we expect to see the advancements from this collaboration?
The groundbreaking advancements resulting from this partnership are anticipated to be unveiled by the end of 2024 to a worldwide audience.