Harry Potter: Visions Of Magic Is Coming To Singapore This Year, Second One In The World

The Harry Potter: Visions of Magic Asia premiere is coming to RWS

Potterheads – the Harry Potter: Visions of Magic spectacle is coming to Singapore this year. Clear your calendars this Q4 and get ready for what’s slated to be the biggest-ever installation of the multisensory, immersive experience, which is hitting Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) sometime in fall.

Enter the wizarding world

ICYMI, the exhibition first premiered in Cologne, Germany last December to an almost-completely sold-out run, selling more than 138,000 tickets even before they opened.

The interactive art experience recreates locations from the wizarding world of Harry Potter, inviting fans to “illuminate the invisible”, or illuminate your own visions.

You’ll literally get to enter Harry Potter’s magical world, with entire spaces inspired by iconic locations such as the Room of Requirement, Newt’s Menagerie, and the Ministry of Magic – to name a few.

The multi-sensory experiences promise interactive video content, with original soundscapes from the franchise and Fantastic Beasts instalments that will transport you into that magical realm of the Potterverse.

Largest-ever space

The Singapore run of the spectacle is said to cover more than 40,000 sqft, AKA 10,000 sqft larger than the space that they had in Germany.

Even if you’ve already been to the show over in Europe, or are intending to visit before it ends its run this June, you’ll definitely want to book a ticket to the Singapore edition – the journey has been jazzed up and specially curated for RWS.

Book your tickets ahead of time

If you’ve honed your ticket-camping skills for Taytay, this is time to oil those engines and get your fastest fingers ready. Join the waitlist to get first dibs on pre-sale tickets before they launch to the public. Tickets at the Cologne experience are priced between €26.90-34.50 (~S$40-50), so you might probably be looking at similar prices here too.

It’s not clear when exactly the interactive experience will open, or how long it will run for – all we know is that you can expect it in Fall 2024. We’ll update this post with more details when we get them.

Join the ticket pre-sale waitlist here