Cityneon receives the China International Business Award 2020 in the Entertainment Experience Category for the ‘Jurassic World: The Movie Exhibition’ in Chengdu, China

Cityneon recognized in Entertainment Experience category of China International Business Awards
‘Jurassic World: The Movie Exhibition’ combines filmmaking art and science into one inspiring spectacle.

24 September 2020 – Cityneon Holdings’ industry leadership in providing high-quality entertainment experiences has been confirmed once again with a China International Business Award in the Entertainment Experience category for its globally successful project ‘Jurassic World: The Movie Exhibition.’

Based on the blockbuster science-fiction film distributed by Universal Pictures, the exhibition has attracted audiences from all age groups and demographic backgrounds.

Prehistoric creatures, such as the Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus rex, are depicted in an interactive production that leverages the creative storytelling of the “Jurassic World” franchise. The physically accurate animatronic dinosaurs were created by a team of paleontological advisors, highly skilled designers, engineers, artisans, and technicians who shared the goal of bringing the high-tech adventure to the public.

Through the immersive features of ‘Jurassic World,’ visitors experience a suspenseful journey that begins with entering the gates, and ultimately leading to an exploration of various narrative elements, including up-close encounters with both ferocious and gentle dinosaurs.

More than being amazed by the special effects and technological brilliance of the exhibition, the viewers can acquire scientific knowledge about the period and geographical environment where these primeval animals existed.

Cityneon Holdings has brought their exhibitions to over 40 cities around the world, including Chicago, Philadelphia, Madrid, Paris, and Seoul for the Jurassic World exhibition. The exhibition has also attracted great attention on Chinese social media, reflecting Cityneon’s success in delivering this show to vibrant markets.

Since the company was founded in 1956, it has delivered on its promise to use its imagination in developing large-scale experiences in partnership with large global movie studios such as The Walt Disney Company, Marvel, Hasbro, Universal Studios, 20th Century Studios and Lionsgate on their intellectual properties (“IPs”) to curate, create and construct immersive and experiential experiences for worldwide visitors.

The company plans to increase its entertainment catalogue in the future by acquiring more IPs from major studios and global partners.

In July 2020, Cityneon announced that it had acquired multi-year global licensing rights for the touring exhibition of ‘Avatar,’ the blockbuster movie directed by James Cameron. Earlier this year, Cityneon acquired Animax Designs, an internationally renowned creator of interactive and animatronic characters, animated puppets and costumes for film studios such as NBC Universal, Warner Bros and Disney. This acquisition is a valuable addition to Cityneon’s assets as it boosts the company’s artistic prowess and technical dynamism.

As part of its efforts in sustainability and corporate responsibility, Cityneon supports aspiring artists and professionals by offering bond-free scholarships. The company’s academic partners are Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, and Singapore University of Technology and Design, which offer programs that encourage students to develop a wide range of skills and pursue their ambitions in the creative sectors.

To further serve its community, Cityneon has integrated sponsorship programs and volunteering activities into its business initiatives. The goal is to create a positive difference in the lives of people and continue inspiring the public not only through entertaining events but also through civic action and engagement in social issues.